Off-Peak Membership

For golfers with more flexible schedules, we offer a reduced-price membership that allows members to take advantage of the Golf Club during off-peak hours. The Off-Peak membership is perfect for golfers looking to beat the crowds and get some swings in late night, or before 4pm.

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited balls year-round, seven days a week, during off-peak hours*
  • 10% discount on off-peak private lessons and simulator sessions
  • USGA Handicap Index
  • One 1-hour Simulator Session

*See schedule for off-peak hours. Schedule subject to change.

Annual Membership Fee: $1,524
Paid-in-Full $1,475 (5% Discount)
Monthly EFT $127 per month

Monthly Payment Option Available

A convenient monthly payment option is available for new and renewing members who prefer not to pay in full. Membership fees are payable in equal monthly installments. A paid-in-full option is also available, providing members with up to 15% off the annual membership rate.