Annual Community Report

For over 20 years, Chelsea Piers has been one of New York City’s favorite places to play. We are proud to serve a diverse community of individuals, teams, families and organizations that gather daily to work out, compete and play. We particularly love watching children grow up at Chelsea Piers, where they acquire not just sports skills, but life lessons relating to fair play, team camaraderie and commitment to excellence.

In a society consumed by technology and digital communication, Chelsea Piers remains a social anchor in the community for real-time, face-to-face interaction that connects coaches and athletes of all ages through their love of and passion for sports.

This year's Community Letter highlights some of the notes we have received over the past year from members and customers. We remain encouraged and inspired by the committed, enthusiastic and engaged Chelsea Piers community.

We wanted to give a sincere Thank You for taking such good care of Tina and Caroline this summer. I have to say that you all do fantastic work. And you make what is definitely a complex and stressful endeavor look like endless fun. That's surely why the Chelsea Piers camps are so successful. GREAT JOB!! – Patrick, father of two

Everyone at Chelsea Piers Skate Camp has been wonderfully supportive in helping make Jodi’s camp a fantastic experience. We are so grateful for your understanding and help in allowing her to have an experience that enables her to be just a normal kid, despite her medical condition. She absolutely LOVES Camp! – Stacey

We wanted to thank you for all your help in creating such an awesome Bat Mitzvah for our daughter. The Sunset Terrace staff was super professional and helpful. We were truly blessed and could not have done it without you. – Michelle

I am writing to let you know you how well your Sky Rink staff responded to my skating partner's recent accident. They remained calm, despite the blood, and with an air of confidence and efficiency, moved Rob onto a gurney and off the ice. Their seamless teamwork and Jamel's humor helped relax Rob. The concern and care we’ve received from the Sky Rink staff at his most vulnerable moment left a positive impression. Kudos to you! – Amy

Being part of the Chelsea Piers family is a fantastic experience. CP Kids was a home away from home for my children set in an idyllic spot in New York City.  We spent a total of four years at CP Kids and still reflect on it as one of the most cherished and positive experiences with raising children in the city. – Jen

Chelsea Piers Kids…what a gift to our family. Our only wish was that the school continued through the school years, as we felt so lucky to experience this oasis in the middle of New York City. – Jimmy

We look forward to another wonderful year. We hope to see you at the Piers soon.