Infant Program

3 - 15 months

The CP Kids infant program, for children ages 3 months to 15 months, is full of opportunities for learning, development and socialization. Our experienced teachers work closely with parents to ensure that the classroom is an extension of home, with each child on the schedule that works best for them. A low student-to-teacher ratio guarantees each child receives a great deal of personal attention and care throughout the day. Teachers go beyond meeting the primary needs of each child and seek to create a healthy and warm environment to encourage infant development.

The Infant Room is full of opportunities for learning and development. Students explore sensory materials (water, sand and paint), and play using books, toys, blocks and other manipulative materials. They are encouraged to discover their environment through walking, crawling and pulling-up. Additionally, music class, reading and circle time are all integral parts of the day in the Infant Room.

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The learning needs of every child at CP Kids are recognized on an individual basis and considered in curriculum planning. We value all varieties of families and cultures and incorporate that diversity into our classrooms.