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Parent Testimonials

Learn what parents have to say about their time at CP Kids and their family's educational journey with us.

This is our fifth year as part of the CPK's family. We have two children in the program and we couldn't be happier about it. CPK truly is a neighborhood gem - the teachers are exceptional at developing the creative, emotional, physical and academic needs of the children. They manage to do all of that and also foster a wonderful community for the parents.

My kids just love going to school and seeing their teachers and friends. They come home with new skills faster than I keep up ! I really value this wonderful school, from going outdoors to field trips to dance and movement, soccer, yoga and science - they pack so many positive learning experiences so effortlessly into each week. I'm truly at a lack of words to describe the peace of mind knowing that my children are so well loved and taken care of.


When we set out to find a daycare in NYC, we could never have dreamed that we would be so lucky to find the family we did at CP Kids. From the moment we walked in, we were met with Joni’s warm, welcoming, and calm presence. Kids ran through the door exuberantly, thrilled to be at school, and it was obvious that this was a really special place.

This place, this remarkable staff has loved our two children as their own since they were 3 months old. The amazing teachers filled their days with fun – art, music, yoga, gymnastics, soccer, and dance. They have learned about our community, countries around the world, outer space, the ocean – the list goes on and on. From tummy time – to potty training – to writing their letters…they have helped our girls through these milestones but even more importantly have taught our girls to be kind to others, to let their imaginations run wild, and to dream big.

As parents that came from small towns, it was important to us that our kids had access to playing outside, running on the grass, and the setting for CP Kids is unmatched in NYC– next to a giant lawn, on the Hudson River with playgrounds and the Highline close by. An unexpected bonus was that the kids also have access to one of the best fitness facilities in the city – soccer fields, basketball courts, gymnastics, and dance studios. There is never a shortage of new experiences and endless learning through play!

The nurturing environment at CP Kids extends past the children - they helped us become parents, holding our hand through those first years of parenthood when we had so many questions. We cherish Joni, the amazing teachers, and feel so lucky to be able to have this experience for both our girls over the past 5 years. This community has become an extension of our family and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Nicole and Chris

French Class

As a former parent of 2 kids children who spent 4+ years each, as CPKids, I cannot recommend it more heartily!! As a first time parent, leaving my 4 month old at CPKids I was naturally hesitant and concerned. The incredible caregivers and teachers that loved, taught and molded both of my daughters erased those fears immediately. Both of my children attended from 4 months in the daycare program, through preschool. They could not have been any better prepared for elementary school when they entered kindergarten, and I attribute all of that to CPKids incredible care and programming.

The leadership and education offered there is unparalleled. Joni is the most warm, confidence inspiring leader, and each and every teacher that the girls had, from infancy, through preschool, was encouraging, energetic, and enthusiastic. My girls learned a variety of skills and strategies through their innovative programming: spelling, writing, beginning reading, community building, art, a variety of sports, social skills, yoga, I could go on and on. My husband and I repeatedly say that we would love to come back in our next lives as CPKids!!


Our two boys attend CPKids – a four year old (in the Red Room) and two year old (in the Green Room). We couldn’t be happier with the decision to send our children to this wonderful preschool.

Our four year old started preschool as a shy, timid little guy and he has thrived and become so much more confident as a result of the wonderful, attentive teachers and due to the fantastic programming – a mix of theme-based units and learning through play. He now runs to school and can’t wait to see his teachers and friends. Our two year old also loves school and every day we are amazed to see his verbal growth and all of the new things he is learning – from music to art to sports to gymnastics and beyond.

Most importantly, as parents, it was important to us to find a school/daycare that is safe, warm, friendly, positive and inclusive. CP Kids has met these goals and exceeded them beyond our hopes! We look forward to receiving daily emails with pictures and videos that show what our kids are doing each day and we remark how happy they are each day when they come home from school.

The teachers and staff at CP Kids are helping us raise two kind and confident boys and we couldn’t be more grateful to send our children to this terrific place.

Jaime and Josh

We have had two of our children attend CP Kids. Their days were packed with learning , art, music, gym time, cooking and the list goes on! The teachers were always accessible and kind — and we felt they really took the time to work with our children and get to know them. You walk through the door at CP Kids and the loving and nurturing environment is obvious.

An amazing team of educators created a dynamic and engaging curriculum in warm, well lit classrooms that showcased the children and, as as added bonus, the children got to explore and play in the most amazing top notch athletic facilities! Weather was never a hindrance! CP kids is an amazing school and has a special place in our family. We know if we ever have another child, we would be applying to CP Kids. We are grateful for all they've done for our children and our family. Our children love CP Kids and still speak of their time there and their amazing teachers.

Scott and Sabrina C.

We are very proud to say we have kind, curious, thoughtful, outgoing and happy kids and there is no doubt in our minds that CP Kids was a big part of that.

Being part of the Chelsea Piers family was a fantastic experience. The teachers are smart, high energy and truly dedicated to the children. They are incredibly loving and always knew when a child needed extra hugs or gentle reminders to be accountable for their actions. Joni is an absolute dream director - positive, patient, intuitive and sets the tone for an inspiring and kind environment that is truly special. The access to sports activities, green space and iconic NY points is unmatched. Yoga by the Hudson River, a walk on the High Line, gymnastics class at one of the top gyms in the country, learning about healthy food at Union Square Green Market - all in a regular day.

Equally impressive was how Joni and the teachers turned every moment into a learning opportunity. One of the elements that originally attracted us to CP Kids was their "learning through play" philosophy. The teachers put a tremendous amount of thought into the curriculum and involve parents in the process through daily emails, pictures and fun family events. As working parents, the constant communication, positive partnership and peace of mind that our kids were in great hands was truly wonderful. We love CP Kids!

Jen and Kamran A.

yoga class

Chelsea Piers Kids (CP Kids) — what a gift to our family. When we discovered that I was not going to be a stay-home-mom like we expected, panic set in about a daycare. We knew we wanted our daughter to be with other kids, but this is NYC and the thought of finding safe, nurturing care was overwhelming. As soon as we visited Chelsea Piers, our daughter crawled right into a classroom and started playing. We were thrilled when we were offered a spot.

The teachers are loving, kind, educated and aware. They thoughtfully place kids by age and development, individualizing every infant/toddler's schedules to match home preferences (for naps, eating, etc). Friendships are cultivated, sibling relationships nurtured (our older daughter could visit our younger daughter throughout the day), and opportunities for workshops for parents are available as well. CP Kids became a center for growth and learning for our whole family.

Moreover, CP Kids is a clean, bright, naturally lit space. The program offers gross motor and fine motor activities, art, music... and the preschool teaches the whole child, focused on social and emotional development as well as scholastic development. Our only wish was that the school continued through the school years, as we felt so lucky to experience this oasis in the middle of New York City.

Leona and Max

Our family has been with CP Kids for over 10 years, being among the first families at the (then) daycare and through full preschool program. We have found our experience at CP Kids to be very rewarding for our children. We often explain to people that in addition to the fantastic staff who truly care for the kids, the benefits of the social aspects and day-to-day structure is beyond measure.

CP Kids offers a fun yet challenging learning environment starting from the earliest age, supporting growth and development all the way through preschool. Formal music classes begin while the children are still babies and full access to the Field House allows the classrooms to participate in instructor led sports classes, such as gymnastics and soccer. We feel that being active and participating in sports builds confidence and fosters healthy competition. We believe that the foundation built at CP Kids, and Chelsea Piers as a whole, has set a wonderful foundation that will be carried with our children for years to come.

Dan M.

Multi-Sport Class

CP Kids was a home away from home for my children set in an idyllic spot in New York City. Each classroom had large windows facing the hudson river allowing the children to see nature daily. They were also outside on the lawn getting fresh air and exploring the piers on a daily basis throughout the year. The student to teacher ratio made it possible for the children to receive attention and care in addition to the whole school being run like a family. The snacks they offered the children were always healthy including several times a week making their own snacks as a group activity. Everyone who works at CP Kids is warm and nurturing in the most important ways for early childhood making the children feel secure, happy and eager to learn as well as discover. We spent a total of four years at CP Kids and still reflect on it as one of the most cherished and positive experiences with raising children in the city.

Sharmila D. and Joe T.

CP Kids was a wonderful experience for my family. Abush came to America from Ethiopia aged 22 months and joined CP kids a year later. His teachers helped him so much with language and communication, that when another boy joined the school not speaking a word of English, Abush took it upon himself to help him navigate all.

The love, warmth and attention CP Kids teachers spend with each child is priceless. They help all the kids use their words, learn the alphabet and numbers, create art, sing and dance, play, laugh, share, listen, focus and more. The days are well rounded to include outdoor activities as well as indoor.

The pre-schoolers go on little field trips to the park, or, catch a bus to a music concert in a park, explore the High Line, or help buy fruits and vegetables at Chelsea Market.

There is no other nursery / preschool that has access to such a big sports recreation space in NYC. On those sub zero days, the kids at CP Kids can be found on the Chelsea Piers Field House soccer pitch, basket ball courts and in the Toddler Gym playing games. In the summer they also have access to a waterslide and bouncy castle.

One receives a class update with photographs daily. (Allowing parents to communicate further as to the events that took place that day.)

The atmosphere at CP Kids NY is warm and friendly and super inclusive. All the staff are bright, thoughtful and considerate individuals whom are open to working with each family and their needs. We will never forget our time there. CP kids paved the way for Kindergarden.

Circe H.

Arts and Crafts

Both of our kids started at CP Kids as babies in the "blue" room. Our son Max (now 8) stayed at CP Kids through age 5, and his younger sister Wilhelmina (now 4) stayed until she was four, so we basically were at CP Kids for almost 8 years!

The teachers are fantastic; they are energetic and it is obvious that they really care about the kids. They enourage the children to be good friends to each other and provide a stimulating classroom environment in which the children can learn through imaginative play, hands-on exploration. Also, the teachers take lots of pictures during the day and send them to parents on a daily basis. Overall, communication between the teachers and parents is very good!

Having CP Kids at Chelsea Piers is a huge plus as well. A couple of days during the week, there is a "mommy and me" style gymnastics or soccer class which happens during the school day. In addition, it is great that even on cold or rainy days, the children can make use of the various parts of the Chelsea Piers Field House.

We think CP Kids did a great job of preparing our kids for their respective schools and are very happy that we sent them there.

Courtney and Marcus M.


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The learning needs of every child at CP Kids are recognized on an individual basis and considered in curriculum planning. We value all varieties of families and cultures and incorporate that diversity into our classrooms.