Philosophy & Curriculum

Children at CP Kids are valued members of the learning environment, with their individual needs and interests helping shape the curriculum. Through thematic teaching, CP Kids brings together various aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association. Social studies, emergent literacy, mathematics, science, music, art and sports classes are introduced each day. Play and exploration are also vital components of the learning process. Each classroom follows a developmentally appropriate curriculum to strengthen and increase the skills and knowledge of each child.

Language Development

In the classrooms you can see language development occurring through challenging, open-ended questions and conversations between peers and teachers.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is achieved through constant problem solving, whether it is a challenging manipulative activity, figuring out the result to a though-provoking question, or completing a new task with the support of a teacher.

Social & Emotional Development

Social and emotional development is also an important part of the curriculum as children learn to recognize and express their feelings appropriately throughout each day.

Motor Development

Our Toddler and Preschool programs participate in one sports class each semester, which allows for further gross motor development and helps children to learn and work as a team. Fine motor skills are developed through a variety of activities and play, utilizing markers, crayons, paint brushes and play dough. Opportunities to practice these skills are embedded in the curriculum, allowing the students to hone their skills many different learning experiences.

Parent Communication

At CP Kids we value parent communication and encourage families to play an active role in the educational process. Through daily emails, class websites, parent-teacher conferences and daily check-ins, parents are involved in every step of the learning process.

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The learning needs of every child at CP Kids are recognized on an individual basis and considered in curriculum planning. We value all varieties of families and cultures and incorporate that diversity into our classrooms.