Toddler Program

16 months - 2.6 years

The CP Kids toddler program, for children ages 16 months to 2.6 years, utilizes a thoughtfully created curriculum that incorporates the interests of the students into each theme. Students are presented with a variety of new experiences and materials each day to encourage learning and exploration. Playing and working collaboratively with peers helps to create self-assured students that are able to problem solve, engage positively with their environment and share the excitement of life-long learning.

The toddler program at CP Kids helps to foster independence from an early age. Teachers work collaboratively with parents on toileting and scheduling as the children move from infants into an exciting and ever-changing stage of life.

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The learning needs of every child at CP Kids are recognized on an individual basis and considered in curriculum planning. We value all varieties of families and cultures and incorporate that diversity into our classrooms.