Adult Basketball League Rules

  1. Games will follow MODIFIED NCAA game rules.
  2. Playing time: Games will consist of 2 halves. Each half will be 22 minutes. The clock will stop the LAST minute of the FIRST HALF and the LAST TWO minutes of the SECOND HALF.
  3. Time Outs: Each team will be given ONE timeout in the FIRST half. Each team will be allowed TWO timeouts in the second half. The first half timeout will NOT carry over. You will receive ONE additional timeout for each overtime played. These also will NOT carry over.
  4. Overtime: The FIRST over time will be 2 minutes. The first minute will be RUNNING TIME and the second minute will be STOP/START. If additional overtimes are needed they will be for 1minute STOP/START.
  5. Foul Shots: A team will be in a bonus when the other team has committed SEVEN team fouls. At this time the team will shoot 1 and 1's. On the 10th foul 2 shots are taken.
  6. You need at least 4 players to start a game. Teams that start with 4 players will be assessed a technical foul to start the game. You are allowed to pick up ONE player from a previous game. If a player fouls out and there are no available subs you will play a player down, least being 3 players. Forfeits will counts as a 30pt loss in the team's standings. Forfeits MUST be called in within 4hrs of game time.
  7. MODIFIED Technical fouls will be 2 shots and the Ball (Unsportsmanlike)
  8. If a player receives 2 technical fouls he or she will be thrown out of the game and may have to sit additional games, decided by the Director of Basketball. If a team receives 3 unsportsmanlike Technical in a game that game will be Forfeited IMMEDIATELY!
  9. Technical fouls will be kept during the season. If a player receives 5 technical fouls in a season he will be suspended for 1 game. Every technical after will continue to be a 1 game suspension. This INCLUDES PLAYOFFS!!!
  10. All players must wear Chelsea Piers basketball jerseys. If you are not wearing a team jersey you will be given a technical foul.
  11. Fighting is NOT tolerated at the Field House. Players involved in fighting will receive a multiple game suspension/possible expulsion from the league.
  12. Any abuse to a referee or staff member will NOT be tolerated.
  13. Substitutions: Substitutions may be made following whistles in accordance with NCAA Rules but only after the player has checked in with the scorers desk and has been waived in by an official
  14. If a team leads by 20 or more points at any time during the last TWO minutes of the second half, the remainder of the game will be played as running time. However, should this lead fall under 20 points the game will return to stopped time.
  15. Chelsea Piers Basketball Directors retain the discretion to waive any of the foregoing eligibility requirements or to bar participation by any person in specific instances if they determine that the best interests of the League will be served.
  16. Team balances must be paid by the 5th week of the season. Failure to do so will result in games being forfeit until balance is paid.
  17. Playoffs will be determined by the following format in order. Wins, Head to head record, Record versus 1st place, Head to Head point differential, total points differential.