Cancellation & Refund Policy

Rules & Regulations

Youth Class Cancellation/Refund Policy

  1. The Field House at Chelsea Piers reserves the right, prior to the first class or after, to cancel a class due to insufficient registration, with full refund.
  2. Class fees are non-transferable.
  3. Age determination for all Field House classes is the student's age at the time of the first class of the enrolled semester.
Fall/Spring Semesters
  1. All youth class fees at the Field House include a $75 non-refundable registration fee.
  2. Requests for refund of class fees will be considered through the third class of the Fall/Spring semesters. All requests must be submitted in writing. Refunds are not available after the third class or for students registering after the third class in the semester. Refund of the registration fee or classes prior to the date of notification will not be considered. If you are unsure of your enrollment, you may take a trial class when available.
Summer Semesters
  1. All summer youth class fees at the Field House include a $45 non-refundable registration fee.
  2. Requests for refund of class fees will be considered up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the class. All requests must be submitted in writing.

Trial Classes

Trial classes are available for semester-based programs based on availability. Trial classes are not available during the first week of any semester and trial classes may not be reserved in advance. Trial classes range from $40-$50 depending on the specific class.

Youth Class Make-up Policy

The Field House offers two make-up classes for semester-based classes that are scheduled to meet 18 times during the semester, one make-up class for classes that meet between 13 and 15 times a semester and no make-up classes for classes that meet 10 or fewer times a semester. No make-ups are available for leagues or team practices. Students are required to pre-register for make-up classes through our Registration Office and enrollment is based on availability. We are not able to reschedule a make-up or offer makeups for missed make-up classes. Make-ups must be used during the spring semester.
PLEASE NOTE: Make-up classes are not offered for the Summer Session.

School Break Camps

Full payment must be received at the time of enrollment to secure your child's place in Camp. Refunds (less a $30/day deposit) will be granted up to one week prior to the first day of camp. After that day, no refunds will be granted for absences, transportation delays, inclement weather, withdrawals or dismissals. No make-up sessions are offered for days missed.


All rental fees are non-refundable. Chelsea Piers will gladly reschedule a reservation at no additional charge if the cancellation is done at least 24 hours prior to the reservation. Chelsea Piers will not reschedule reservations that are cancelled on the day of the reservation.

Medical Release and Assumption of Risk for all participants in Field House Activities

The very nature of sports, gymnastics and other activities available at THE FIELD HOUSE AT CHELSEA PIERS carry a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the participant and the coach are, no matter how many spotters are used, no matter what height is used or what landing equipment utilized, the risk cannot be eliminated.

The risk of injury includes minor injuries such as bruises and more serious injuries such as broken bones, dislocations and muscle pulls. The risk also includes catastrophic injuries such as permanent paralysis or even death from landings or falls on the back, neck or head. Sports, gymnastics, or any activity that involves motion, rotation and height in a unique environment, carries with it a reasonable assumption of risk.

THE FIELD HOUSE AT CHELSEA PIERS is bound by law to inform all participants and/or their guardians of the risk involved in the activity of gymnastics and sports in general. Anyone participating in THE FIELD HOUSE AT CHELSEA PIERS programs must adhere to the safety rules governing THE FIELD HOUSE. These rules are posted inside THE FIELD HOUSE. In consideration for THE FIELD HOUSE AT CHELSEA PIERS’ acceptance of the applicant, and in consideration of the applicant’s opportunity to improve skills through the use of THE FIELD HOUSE AT CHELSEA PIERS’ staff, equipment and facilities, those legally responsible for the named enrolling student realize the risk of injury involved and hereby agree to assume the responsibility of such for said student and further agree to save and hold harmless Chelsea Piers L.P., its employees, and all others concerned, and to indemnify them against loss, intending to be legally bound.

(copied from Field House Online 3/15/2016)