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Adult Soccer League Rules

All Adult Soccer league players must be fully vaccinated. Players must continue to wear protective face masks while in any Chelsea Piers common area. Face masks can be removed while playing on the field.

Vaccination Verification

  1. If you have not done so already, please fill out our Vaccine Verification Form to verify your status with us upon your next visit to the Field House.
  2. On your next visit, please bring proof of vaccination (Excelsior Pass or Vaccine Card) to show our front desk staff after you have completed the Vaccine Verification Form.
  3. Our staff will verify your status in our system, and you will receive a "Chelsea Piers Vax Verified" pass over email. Please have this badge (or your vaccine card or Excelsior pass) ready to show our staff if asked going forward.


Monday - Friday: 6:00pm - 11:59pm
Sunday: 6:00pm - 11:59pm



  • All of our leagues play 5 v 5
  • Each game consists of two 25-minutes halves
  • Maximum roster size is 15 players per team
  • In a one-sided, high scoring match — the maximum final goal total for the victor is +10 over.


  1. First Offense: Loss of game and warning issued
  2. Second Offense: Loss of game and removal from the playoffs
  3. Third Offense: Removal from the rest of the schedule and future Chelsea Piers Soccer leagues

Forfeit Notification:
If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit, you MUST contact me by 2:00pm on the day of the game at It is not considered a notification unless you receive a reply. If your decision is not made until after 2:00pm, you should still try to reach out to the Soccer Department and we will make the efforts to contact the other team. If we can reach them in time to keep them from showing up, no extra penalty. If you do not do this, your team will be eliminated from the rest of the schedule.


  1. A team must have four (4) roster players physically present at game time or a forfeit will be called. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME. *Two game forfeits and a team will be dropped from the league with no refund.
  2. Forfeits = +10 goals for the victor, -25 goals for the team forfeiting. A fine of $150 will be charged to teams who do not call in a forfeit before 2:00PM on the day of their match. Teams who do not inform us of a forfeit by the designated time will also be stripped of a previous victory from the current season.

Team Fees

All Team Captains either new or returning are responsible for the full team fee. This includes the $600 Deposit prior to the start of the season and, the full remaining balance prior to your third match. Team Captains opting to withdraw from the league during any part of the season are responsible for the full season's fee with no refund.

Divisional Relegation (applies to the next season)

  1. 2 - 3 Top Teams in the Secondary Divisions Move Up.
  2. 2 - 3 Least Proficient Squads — or those outmatched in their current divisions move down.
    These moves include changing days. This regulation is implemented in order to continue to provide the best level of competition in all divisions. It should be assumed that if your team qualifies as one of the above, you will be promoted/relegated. Staff will notify you if your team is changing nights.


  1. EACH PLAYER MUST WEAR MATCHING GAME SHIRTS WITH A NUMBER ON THE BACK. If you have on a different number shirt than the one assigned to you in the current season, you must report to the scorekeeper before or during the match. If you do not report to the scorekeeper the goals scored for that match will not be counted towards the Golden Boot Award at the end of the season.
  2. NO TEAM SHIRT = If a member of your team does not have his/her uniform, your team will be subject to a 2-minute penalty and will have to play a player down for that time frame.
  3. Indoor Turf Shoes and Sneakers are acceptable. NO CLEATS AT ALL ARE PERMITTED.
  4. All Players Must Wear Shin Guards after week 1 of each season. Player playing without Shin Guards will receive a yellow card. (15) Team Shirts will be provided at your first match. Teams may wear their own company shirt w/logo providing they all match and have numbers on the back.Turf Field


Field House Staff reserve the right to ask players who receive a Red Card / or Two Yellow Cards to leave the facility.

  1. The player who receives a penalty MUST report to the score keeper. Penalty time begins only when the player reports and play has resumed. Reminder: you all have families & jobs to return to post-match — please respect all players & officials.
    1. A two-minute time penalty shall be assessed at the official's discretion against a player guilty of offenses as well as un-sportsmanlike conduct, or any other behavior which is disruptive and interferes with the flow of the game.
    2. REMINDER: the team receiving the yellow card will play short the FULL TWO MINUTES. Players entering a dispute that are not involved in a play, or, who enter the pitch from the bench during a caution or difficulty will be assessed an automatic Yellow Card. A player receiving two yellow cards in one game is automatically suspended for the remainder of the game and must leave the bench area.
    3. Once a player has received three (3) cumulative yellow cards, that player must sit out the match following the one in which he/she received the third yellow {ONE FULL CALENDAR WEEK}. Yellow card tallies will be erased once playoffs start.
    4. COED's teams, the player receiving the yellow card female or male must be the one to come off the field for the two minute penalty. Coed Keeper receiving yellow card then the same sex as the goal keeper must take the two minute penalty.
    1. A player guilty of violent or abusive behavior towards players, officials or staff will be given a red card and ejected from the game as well as the team's next game or any games that player may be involved in for ONE FULL CALENDAR WEEK.
    2. A red card results in a full five minute penalty for the offending team — regardless of the amount of goals scored. Play shall resume with a direct free kick awarded to the opposing team. Depending on the nature of the ejection, the Field House reserves the right to suspend the person for a longer period of time with no fee/refund.
    3. Two game ejections in a season and that player will be dropped from the league with no refund. Red Card players MUST leave the team bench area.


At the end of each season, a Golden Boot Award will be given to the player who has scored the most total goals WITHIN EACH DIVISION. Therefore, there will be an award given for the highest scorer in the PREMIER Division, Intermediate 2nd, Intermediate 3rd, Over-30, and Co-ed Divisions.

  1. Awards will not be given per night, only per division.
  2. The maximum number of goals a player can be awarded in one match will be 10 goals total. If a player is wearing a jersey that does not match the number given to him/her on the official roster, then that player must check in with the scorekeeper, or their goals scored will not be counted. (See UNIFORMS section above)


  1. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: In order to begin a match both teams must have (4) of their own roster players. Field House Soccer is five players per side including the goal keeper. No Walk-On, Guest or Floating Players Permitted.
  2. COED DIVISION: Both teams must have (2) Females on the field at all times. Result of only having one female on the field, that team will play one player short for that match.
  3. SLIDE TACKLES: Slide tackles are illegal, this includes goal keepers. A legal soccer tackle is one in which one foot remains in contact with the ground and the sole of that foot is planted and supporting the body. There are no Off-Sides.
  4. START OF PLAY: The ball must travel forward on the kick off. A Direct kick at the start of the game or half is permitted. Every player must be in his/her own half of the pitch and not less than 3 YARDS from the ball until the ball is kicked off. The team without the ball must be outside the center circle. During the kick off, the kicker shall not play the ball a second time until it has been touched or played by another player.
  5. THE BALL IN/OUT OF PLAY: The ball is out of play when it hits the net surrounding the field, the ceiling, or leaves the field through the door areas. Play resumes with an indirect kick taken from the spot of the penalty. If the defending player is the last to touch a ball that hits the ceiling over the penalty area, the ball will be placed on the spot outside the penalty box.
  6. GOAL KICK / CORNER KICK: should be awarded when the ball hits the net behind the goal - Between the two white ceiling net / ropes.
    GOAL KICKS MAY NOT BE KICKED BEYOND THE MIDFIELD LINE. A CORNER IS A DIRECT KICK. Players must give (3) yards on all sides from the point where the ball is going to be kicked. If more than (5) seconds are taken to kick the ball, the referee shall award the opposing team a direct kick.
  7. GOAL KEEPING RESTRICTIONS:The goalie has (5) seconds to release the ball. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opponent should the keeper hold the ball more than five seconds. Hand To Hand; A goal keeper, having had control of the ball in his hands, may not release the ball and pick it up until it is played by another player outside the goalie box. A GOAL KEEPER MAY NOT THROW OR KICK IT OVER THE MIDFIELD LINE. PASS BACK: on any occasion when a player deliberately kicks the ball to his own goal keeper, The Keeper is NOT Permitted to Play it With His/Her Hands.
  8. SUBSTITUTIONS: The number of "flying" substitutions made during a match is unlimited, except in the case of a goal keeper who can only be replaced when the ball is not in play. Roster max is 15, 12 players dressed per match.


Web & Computerized standing are calculated Point, Wins, Goal Differential, [but, the web page standings are not completely accurate in determining goal differential from top to bottom, and the spread sheet standings kept at the Field House do not take into account head to head].

Final Fixtures are determined for possible playoff eligibility are exact; Points, Wins, Head to Head, Goal Differential. Teams with same points will be decided head to head before goal differential at the conclusion of the regular season. The only variable to the above would be similar points via ties over losses.
Generally, teams qualifying for the playoffs are as follows;

  2. INTERMEDIATE DIVISIONS: Top 2-3, depending upon the number of teams in that division and division strength. There may be a wild card berth in each Intermediate Bracket.
    Note: Intermediate Divisions 2 & 3 have separate championship brackets.


Chelsea Piers does not carry accident/medical insurance for any of its participants. Each participant is responsible for their own insurance.


Chelsea Piers reserves the right to institute new rules or to change existing rules for the betterment of the league.


  1. Only players on a team's official online roster are allowed to play in games, (15 Players max on a team roster, 12 dressed for each match).
  2. Three roster changes only during the course of a season.
  3. Rosters are frozen after the third game of the season.
    Any and all roster adjustment post-game 3, must go through me from the team's captain. Due to injury or other, the team captain must contact me at least 24 hours prior to your next match. This is permitted through week 6 of the season.
  4. No same day, game time adjustments will be permitted.
  5. No Roster Movement after week 5.
  6. Web Page Rosters will the Official Roster for the season
  7. To assure that there are no roster violations after week 3, soccer staff will conduct random roster checks. Violation of the roster regulations = an automatic forfeit.
  8. The Official ONLINE Roster has to be managed by the team’s captain and be sure to have all players registered within first three (3) matches.
  10. Roster Claims must be made BEFORE the game or discovered — but shall not wait until after the match has ended to reverse the outcome of the game.
  11. NO ROAMING FROM SQUAD TO SQUAD. A Roster Player can only play on one team in each division. Each player must be registered online prior to by the 3rd match.
  12. Teams using illegal or non-roster players are subject to forfeiture of that match. Goal keepers may be on more than one team in a division as long as they currently active and registered with a team for that season.
  13. If a squad would like to use a keeper not on their roster, but is a Field House League keeper, they must get the approval of the opposing captain and league staff prior to the match.
    In order to maintain competitive balance in all divisions, Division (2) League Teams may only field three Premier Division League Players on their roster. Roster players with the exception of goalkeepers. Division (3) and COED Division teams may not roster Division (1) Roster players. Exceptions will be made for teams that have been competing at Chelsea Piers for five or more years with players from higher divisions.