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CP-AFTER-3 After School

Grades K - 3

CP-After-3 is our dynamic, after school program designed to provide engaging and reliable child-care, while also offering the best sports and arts curriculum in the city.


Our experienced teachers pick up children in grades K-3 from school and bring them to the Field House. Students are given a healthy snack, receive homework assistance and then participate in the Field House sports class of their choice. The number of sports classes each student takes depends on the number of days he/she is enrolled in CP-After-3. On days when students are not taking a sports class, they participate in table games, art projects, computer projects and more.

Program Options

Children may enroll in CP-After-3 for as few as 1 and as many as 5 days per week. All students must also participate in at least one Field House semester-long class. Those enrolled in 5 days/week must enroll in at least 2 Field House classes.


CP-After-3 is currently picking up from the following schools:

  • P.S. 3
  • P.S. 11
  • P.S. 33
  • P.S. 41
  • Avenues

Students walk with teachers to Chelsea Piers (maximum ratio of 5:1).
Parents pick up their children at the Field House between 5:45pm and 6:15pm.

*The CP After 3 program is currently growing and we are willing to consider additional school pick-ups. Please contact Bernard Blanda at 212.336.6500 ext. 6556 to inquire about pick-up at your child's school.

PRICING: Fall/Winter 2018/19 (September 6 – January 20, 2019 • 17 weeks)

1 day/wk 2 days/wk 3 days/wk 4 days/wk 5 days/wk
$815 $1,485 $2,075 $2,500 $3,100

PRICING: Winter/Spring 2019 (January 21 – June 10, 2019 • 18 weeks)

1 day/wk 2 days/wk 3 days/wk 4 days/wk 5 days/wk
$865 $1,570 $2,195 $2,645 $3,240

Please note, prices do not include the required semester-long class.