Open Play Rules & Regulations

These rules may be changed or updated by Management at anytime. If there is an interpretation issue with any of these rules, please contact Management.

Sand Volleyball Rules All levels except Open

AVP rules
Rally point scoring
Games to 21
Winner stays on for 2 games then off one
No member can deny another member access to play.
Walls are not to be used for practice
Net height is based on gender majority or group preference
Open Rules are posted at the court
Prime time is on weekdays after 6:00pm and all day Saturday and Sunday
If there is a problem contact the manager on duty and/or John Boyd

Volleyball Guest Policy

Our Guest Policy states that each guest can visit our facility a maximum of three times per calendar year. If the guest would like to continue his/her visits, please see a membership consultant at the front desk. In addition to our Guest Policy, we have instituted the following rules specifically for the sand court:

Members have priority of play. At the beginning of the session non-members must start at the end of the line even if their partner is a member.
At least 50% of the players during a prime time session must be members.
Non-members cannot participate if a scheduled playtime has 12 members or more. In the event of deciding who gets to play amongst the non-members, a coin will be tossed (or fingers thrown, etc.) to see which guests will participate.
Non-members must follow volleyball rules and can play no more than 2 games in a row, then go to the end of the line, even if the rule of the night is winner stays.
A member can bring no more than one guest to a prime-time session.

Open Beach Volleyball Rules

Winner stays unless they choose to sit out. If a winning team chooses to sit out, they may come back on the court anytime after the next game played. With more than 3 teams, the games will go to 15 points and you must win by 2 points. There is no cap.
The "Mercy Rule" applies - If a team leads a game by 7 points (example 9-2) the game is over and the loser moves to the back of the line.
All players must be rotated in to play, even if there is one player waiting to play. This includes all Open Play Time.
You may not play in the Int/Adv time and then play in the Open time and vice versa. Exception: if the Open time only has 3 players they may use a player from the Int/Adv time and vice versa. However, if a 4th player shows up, the borrowed player must give up his spot immediately after the current game.
At the beginning of the time slot, a coin will be tossed (or fingers thrown, etc) to see which 2 teams play first. If there are more than 3 teams a second coin toss will decide the next team to play. Showing up early does not determine the order of play. Roll-offs can't be substituted for a coin toss at the beginning of the session; it must be random.
Moving down from Open to Int/Adv: Anyone can have a bad night, however, a player will be asked to move down to Int/Adv if in 3 sessions (playing days) the player (a) cannot win 1 game, (b) loses by the "Mercy Rule" an average of 1 time per session.
Moving from Int/Adv to Open: A player may move from Int/Adv to Open if that player (a) is consistently winning every game per session over 6 sessions (playing days), (b) can adhere to the criteria in rule above.
Women cannot play during the men's times and vice versa. Exception: if there are 3 men present, a woman of equal ability can be the 4th player. However, if another man shows up to play, the woman must sit out.
If your court time ends at 8:15 you must leave the court. Exception: There is only one person from the upcoming group waiting to play.
During a time session, the majority rules if most players request to run drills versus playing pick-up games.
Excessive arguing, verbal threats, instigating a fight, engaging in a fighting, cursing, misuse of equipment (pulling on net, kicking balls, etc.), and not adhering to the rules will not be tolerated and could lead to membership termination.

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