CompuTrainer Classes & Services

Our 20 CompuTrainers allow cyclists and triathletes the opportunity to ride their own bikes indoors on courses worldwide.

The CompuTrainer system allows cyclists and triathletes to execute very specific and monitored workouts or replicate training sessions to calculate the exact wattages/cadences required for a successful ride. With countless courses available to train with, and valuable feedback given not only after, but also during each ride, the CompuTrainer provides the most comprehensive and effective indoor cycling experience ever created. Consistent riding sessions on the CompuTrainers can increase an athlete's cycling power by 20 - 30% and speed by 2 to 4 MPH.

CompuTrainers are ideal for:

  • Climbing technique
  • Criterium skills and tactics
  • Sprinting and lead-outs
  • Descending and cornering technique
  • Interval training
  • Mountain bike handling
  • Time trial skills and tactics
  • Triathlon bike handling
  • Cyclocross training techniques
  • Paceline and echelon training
  • Team time trial practice
  • Motorpacing

Services and Pricing

Must bring your own road or tri bike to participate in all classes listed below

Individual 1-hour Power Cycling Ride
(15-min set up, 60-min ride)
  • $35
  • $85
  • $250
Individual 2-hour Endurance Ride
(15-min set up, 1-hour 45-min ride)
  • $45
  • $95
  • $400
1-hour Private CompuTrainer Session with Trainer
(Pricing based on personal trainer’s level.)
  • $110 - $160
  • $160 - $210

For information on Group/Team Rentals, click here.

CompuTrainer Classes

Participants must arrive 15-minutes before the start of class to set up their bike.


To register, please call 212.336.6099 or email

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