Physiological Testing

Chelsea Piers Fitness is equipped with VO2 Max and Blood Lactate testing capabilities, which offer endurance athletes a crucial look at their current fitness and athletic potential. Athletes gain specific knowledge about their training status, aerobic capacity and energy expenditure. These tests also provide the necessary components to assess current form and fitness, and create training zones based on heart rate and power.

Services and Pricing

Lactate Threshold (75 mins) $150 $200
Resting Metabolic Rate (1-hour) $150 $200
VO2 & Lactate Threshold (2 hours) $300 $400
V02 & Resting Metabolic Rate (2 hours) $300 $375
V02, Resting Metabolic Rate & Lactate Threshold (2.5 hours) $350 $450
CompuTrainer Field Test $125 $145
Body Baseline Fitness Evaluation $50 $100


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