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Chelsea Piers Fitness is equipped with VO2 Max and Blood Lactate testing capabilities, which offer endurance athletes a crucial look at their current fitness and athletic potential. Athletes gain specific knowledge about their training status, aerobic capacity and energy expenditure. These tests also provide the necessary components to assess current form and fitness, and create training zones based on heart rate and power.

Physiological Test Descriptions

Lactate Threshold Testing (75 minutes)

Determines the Lactate Threshold, the point at which the body starts to produce lactic acid faster than it can be cleared. This represents the highest intensity and athlete can sustain for extended periods of time. During this graded exercise test, the subject works at increasingly harder workloads with a finger prick blood sample collected at the end of every stage. Heart Rate, Rate of Perceived Exertion, and pace (or power) are monitored and recorded every minute during the test. The test continues until the subject reaches Lactate Threshold. *Athletes desiring heart rate data should bring their own heart rate monitor (ANT+ chest strap compatible models preferred).

Resting Metabolic Rate (45 minutes)

This test determines how many calories a person would use at rest during a 24-hour period. The subject sits quietly, breathing through a mouthpiece while the analyzer monitors the contents of air inhaled and exhaled until the analyzer has collected a representative sample, usually about 10 minutes. Resting Metabolic Rate establishes baseline caloric expenditure and is useful in calculating caloric intake for weight management.

Exercise VO2 Testing (75 minutes)

Establishes the maximum amount of oxygen (Max VO2) an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise. VO2 is measured as milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight (ml/kg/min) and is one factor in determining an athlete's capacity to perform sustained exercise. During an Exercise VO2 test, the subject performs at increasingly harder workloads until they can no longer continue. The subject breathes through a mask while the analyzer measures the total amount of air inhaled and exhaled and determines the total amount of calories utilized and the percentage of calories coming from fats and carbohydrates. Heart rate and workload monitored during the test are used to create accurate individual heart rate and power or pace training zones.

Computrainer Field Test (Functional Threshold Power Test) (75 minutes)

An FTP test determines the maximum average wattage (power) a cyclist can sustain for one hour. This test is performed on your own bike on a Computrainer. After a 20-minute warm-up, the subject rides as hard as possible for 20 minutes with heart rate and power data collected. Functional Threshold Power is calculated as 95% of the average power from the 20-minute all-out effort. (Athletes desiring heart rate data should bring their own heart rate monitor (ANT+ chest strap compatible models preferred.)

Exercise VO2 & Lactate Threshold (2 hours)

Great for the athlete who wants more detailed testing information. The Lactate Threshold test is performed first, and after a short recovery, the athlete performs the Exercise VO2 test.

Exercise V02 & Resting Metabolic Rate (2 hours)

An excellent test for assessing athletic performance and determining caloric needs. The subject performs the Resting Metabolic Rate assessment first and then performs an Exercise VO2 test.

V02, Resting Metabolic Rate & Lactate Threshold (2.5 hours)

The ultimate package for the athlete who wants detailed information on exercise performance and baseline caloric expenditure. The subject performs a Resting Metabolic Rate assessment then a Lactate Threshold test followed by an Exercise VO2 assessment.

Body Baseline Fitness Evaluation (60 minutes)

This test measures basic body metrics, resting heart rate, blood pressure, as well as Body Composition (measured with skinfold calipers).

Body Composition (Skinfold Assessment) (20 minutes)

Determines the relative percentage of lean muscle mass and body fat by measuring skinfolds with calipers. Helpful for weight management and marking progress in exercise programs.

Resting Physiological Measurements: Resting Heart Rate & Resting Blood Pressure (20 minutes)

Measures basic resting Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate. Helpful in monitoring daily health status and cardiovascular risks. Contact Sharone Huey, to schedule resting measurements.

Stages Indoor Cycle Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP) (30 minutes)

A simple 5-minute all-out fitness assessment on the Stages 7 Indoor Cycle to establish current fitness levels and accurate individual training zones for the Breakaway cycling program. Riders perform a gradual warm-up and then ride as hard as they can for 5 minutes. Functional Threshold Power is calculated as 90% of the average power during the test.


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