Orest Ludwig



Born & Bred

Solingen NRW, Germany

Training Philosophy

My fully integrated approach is based on the idea that everything is connected. Health starts with sleep, enough appropriate movement and good food. The training focuses on creating enough stability, mobility, power and strength for each individual's needs. This will be achieved through ELDOA stretching, yoga poses, kinetic chain exercises, ortho-kinetic balance principles, Alexander Technique, awareness, and power and strength training. 



Cancer Exercise Specialist
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
Ortho-Kinetics Trainer
CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Precision Nutrition Level I Certified
TRX Suspension Trainer Certified
TRX Rip Trainer Certified
Functional Movement Screen - Level 1
ACE - Behavior Change Specialist

Claim to Fame

Raced a Formula 3 car around Infineon Race Way in the rain!


Favorite Way to Relax

Hiking or Meditation

Most Interesting Place I've Been

Mid Ohio Race Track
Orest Ludwig
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