Long Course Triathlon Training

The Full Throttle Long Course Triathlon Training program is designed for athletes that are preparing for a 70.3 Half Ironman or a Full Ironman. The program consists of 5 practices per week (4 days) and includes dedicated training plans for each type of race.

Weekly Training Schedule

Each week, athletes participate in coached sessions comprised of two swims, two CompuTrainer rides/run and one speed run.

Training Plans

Training plans are provided through Training Peaks and include workouts for the days the group does not meet. In addition to providing athletes with detailed weekly training plans, Training Peaks provides data capture and analytics.

What to Expect from the Long Course Program

70.3 Half Ironman - If you are planning to race the half distance at any time during the year, the Long Course program will build your endurance in order to step up from the Olympic distance. Emphasis will be placed on building muscular endurance on the bike and run with workout duration increasing for bike and run sessions. Intensity will be targeted for the half distance. If you want to build your fitness and endurance for the Olympic distance, 70.3 training is ideal for you as well.

Ironman - Ironman, unlike 70.3, cannot be approached as a step up from the Olympic distance. It is a stand-alone dedicated plan. While early base-training may mirror 70.3 training, Ironman athletes will build a larger fitness base versus half athletes by starting 4-8 weeks out based on the date of their Ironman race.

Long Course Mini Camps

Mini Camps provide the opportunity to get a feel for the training, learn more about the program and what it takes to race long course. Click here to learn more.

The key to success in long course racing is consistent training, smart endurance building and targeted intensity, with the right conditioning to execute your race plan.

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