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Jeffrey Anderson
Senior Professional, PGA

North Florida PGA Senior Champion (2016)

North Florida PGA Chapter Champion (2016)

Northern California PGA Senior Match Play Champion (2014)


Jeff is in Florida for a portion of the winter. He will return to Chelsea Piers and will be available for lessons as of February 2019.


The Woodlands, Texas


Jeff was elected to PGA membership in 1992 and has served as golf professional and teaching professional since 1986.  During that time Jeff worked at numerous golf clubs, golf schools and learning centers including Sonoma National Golf Club and Mission Bay Golf Center in California as well as other venues in Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, Utah and Portugal.

Well-traveled to say the least, Jeff also enjoyed playing professional golf.  Jeff is the 2016 North Florida PGA Senior Champion, 2016 North Florida PGA Chapter Champion and the 2014 Northern California PGA Sr. Match Play Champion. Jeff qualified and competed in two PGA National Championships and two Senior PGA National Championships.  He was also the 1990 Colorado Long Drive Champion.

Teaching the golf swing and teaching the “game” of golf is Jeff’s life work.  Teaching the proper fundamentals of the golf swing is only part of the puzzle.  Teaching the strategies of how to successfully maneuver one’s game (course management) around the golf course is the other piece of the puzzle.

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“The golf swing is supposed to take about one second.  This means from the beginning of the backswing until impact there is no time for adjustment. If the golfer has solid pre-swing fundamentals, then an effortless swing will fall in to place. That is the ultimate irony to the golf swing; the best golf swing takes the least amount of physical effort.”

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