Pilates is a total body workout. Through a series of controlled movements, Pilates improves postural alignment and core strength. Our team of experienced, certified instructors strive to bring out the true potential in each member they work with.

  • Pilates Mat

    Postural alignment and strength exercises are performed on a mat, using your own body weight as resistance.

  • Pilates Reformer

    Group Pilates Reformer classes improve flexibility, coordination and range of motion through resistance exercises on the reformer. Must take two Intro to Pilates Reformer classes before attending a Mixed Level class. Advance registration required.

  • Private Training

    The Sports Center's talented Pilates instructors provide individualized attention and tailored training repertoires based on individual needs and goals.


Classes with the symbol require advance online registration. Classes without the symbol are drop-ins and do not require advance registration, although it is encouraged. Classes with the symbol are fee-based. Enjoy your class!