The Sports Center At Chelsea Piers Adds New Dynamic Training Space


(New York, NY – December 14, 2016) – At the end of December, The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers will open its newest fitness space featuring the latest cardio and strength training equipment; Technogym Skillmills, Concept2 rowing machines, Plyo Boxes and Rogue Fitness kettlebells and dumbbells. The space will be available for members to use for individual workouts as well as the new home to a variety of group running, rowing and strength-focused classes. 

The spacious training zone features expansive Hudson River views in a lively setting designed to inspire and motivate, while also creating a small group training feel. 

The most exciting element of the new space is the six Technogym Skillmills, an athletic performance training machine that was inspired by Olympic athletes. The Skillmill is designed to help “everyday athletes improve their power, speed, stamina and agility in a single product.” The Skillmills are non-motorized and completely self-powered, and can be used to run, walk, push or pull a sled, side-step and more. The amount of exercise variety with the Skillmills and additional equipment in the new space allows for a countless variety of workouts, whether individual or in a small group setting. 

The running group class, Tread & Shred, and the rowing group class, Row Trilogy, will utilize all aspects of the new space. Tread & Shred is an endurance running class that incorporates various speeds and incline levels on the Skillmills to maximize calorie burn. Strength training breaks off the Skillmill with kettlebells and dumbbells are also utilized. Row Trilogy is a triple threat rowing-focused class that includes various elements of rowing, running (either on the Skillmills or the club’s ¼-mile indoor track) and strength training exercises.     

“The Skillmills, combined with the additional equipment in the new space, creates a unique training experience that is hard to find elsewhere in New York City,” commented Jared Deptula, General Manager of the Sports Center health club. “We will be the only gym in the city that combines an expansive full-service health club with the boutique feel of this training space.”

Classes begin on December 27.  

The Sports Center At Chelsea Piers Adds New Dynamic Training Space
The Sports Center At Chelsea Piers Adds New Dynamic Training Space

About the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers

Touted by Men’s Health magazine as “the best cure for the boring workout,” the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers is the premier sports and fitness center in the greater New York Metropolitan area. Featuring unsurpassed cross-training opportunities, the Sports Center includes a quarter-mile indoor track, the biggest indoor rock climbing wall in the Northeast, a twenty-five yard pool overlooking the Hudson River, as well as one of the largest cardiovascular and strength training facilities in the country. In addition to an extensive selection of fitness and strength training programs, a tiered triathlon-training program and classes, the Sports Center offers wellness seminars, sport-specific training programs, multi-sport fitness programs and spa services.



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