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Mobile / Event Marketing

Put your product right in the hands of the consumer — allow them to taste, smell, try on and use your product, up close and personal. Bring your product or service to Chelsea Piers and watch consumers interact with your brand. What can we do to help showcase your product?

Stoneyfield at Chelsea Piers

Stonyfield Farms: "Organic Love Fest"

Stonyfield Farms brought its "Organic Love Fest" to Chelsea Piers on May 2, 2011. Set up on the northern tip of Chelsea Piers adjacent to Chelsea Cove Park, and along the Sunset Strip at Pier 62, Stonyfield interacted with guests of Chelsea Piers and the Park. Visitors enjoyed free organic yogurt, fun family activities, cooking demos with a local chef and much more!

Coca-Cola at Chelsea Piers

Coca-Cola: Enviga Launch

Chelsea Piers was selected by Coca-Cola as one of the major platforms to launch its newest product, Enviga. Sampling events took place at the Sports Center, Field House, Sky Rink and along Sunset Strip.

Adidas at Chelsea Piers

adidas Mobile Tour

The adidas Mobile Tour visited Chelsea Piers throughout 2009. This interactive truck allowed Chelsea Piers customers to check out the latest footwear from adidas, learn more about the adidas Urban Run program and watch videos of their favorite adidas athletes. Customers are also given discount cards to be used at the adidas Sports Performance store in Soho.

Got Milk? at Chelsea Piers

American Dairy Council: "Think about your Drink"

The American Dairy Council brought its "Think about your Drink" mobile tour to Chelsea Piers with a 24-foot truck parked along the East Roadway, highly visible to both bikeway/walkway traffic and West Side Highway vehicular traffic. Additionally, Got Milk? offered health assessments, milk samples and more along the Sunset Strip walkways within Chelsea Piers. This high-traffic location was secured.

Hills Science Diet at Chelsea Piers

Hill's Pet Food

As part of a national tour to promote healthy eating and weight management for cats and dogs, Hill's Pet Food visited Chelsea Piers for one week. Hill's drew customers in with a 10'x10' branded tent centrally located on Sunset Strip near the entrance to the Field House. Visitors to the tent received free samples of Hill's light pet foods (for weight control), along with information on healthy weight management.

Yu-Gi-Oh at Chelsea Piers

Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game "Time 2 Duel" Tour

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game "Time 2 Duel" Tour featured a 10'x15' tent and several 6-foot tables offering one-on-one dueling, Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game demos, "Time 2 Duel" Bingo, "Ask the Duel Master" question and answer sessions, and a prize wheel. This 2-day weekend event took place along Sunset Strip in front of the Field House. This location was key in gaining access to their target market of children ages 6 to 12 years old.

MasterCard at Chelsea Piers

MBNA Bank: MasterCard Aquisition Program

Sunset Strip is a weather-protected pedestrian walkway that connects all of the Chelsea Piers businesses. MBNA Bank set up a kiosk on Sunset Strip for a customer aquisition program that promoted MasterCard.