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Rules and Regulations

All Sky Rink Adult Hockey (SRAH) games are to be played under USA Hockey rules. The following rules are unique to the SRAH program and are enforced on top of the USA Hockey Rulebook. 

USA Hockey 

Chelsea Piers – Sky Rink is a non-USA Hockey sanctioned facility, which means all adult teams and players participating in SRAH do not need to be registered with USA Hockey before participating in a SRAH game. 

Referees are certified by USA Hockey and follow the USA Hockey Rulebook. 

Game Logistics 

SRAH teams will be entitled to a full five-minute warm-up. 

Warm-up time will start: 

  • At the scheduled time indicated on teams respective schedule. For example, if the team is scheduled to start at 8:30pm and ice is ready at 8:20pm, the five minute warm-up will not start until 8:30pm. 
  • At the conclusion of a prior game that has finished late, only after the ice has been resurfaced and the Olympia doors are closed will the warm-up start. 

SRAH will play three (3) 15-minute stopped time periods with a one-minute break between periods: 

  • Upon a tie, a five-minute overtime will be played. The first four minutes will be running time with the last minute being played stopped time. Tie games will then be decided by three-player shootout. 

Sky Rink will provide two (2) referees, one (1) timekeeper and about 20 warm-up pucks. 

During ice resurfacing between games, NO PLAYERS are allowed on the ice. Players may take the ice only after Olympia doors are closed. 


Each team roster is to have no more than 20 skaters and one goalie. D7 and D8 teams may roster 23 skaters and one goalie. 

The Director of Hockey must approve mid-season roster changes due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Pre-rosters must be posted on the website by each team’s first game. Final rosters must be posted by each team’s fifth game. The final roster must be emailed to the league director so he can have a hard copy that can only be changed upon request. 

All roster checks must be requested before the start of the game or before the start of the second period. 

If a roster check is called and the player being called out is actually on the roster, the team who calls for the check gets a two-minute penalty for delay of game. If the player is not on the roster, he will leave the game and the team will get a five-minute major served by the captain (or acting captain) and the captain could possibly face suspension. Additionally, if the player that is not on the roster has any goals in the game, the team who called the roster check will have the option to take a forfeit win. 

Also, please remember that most captains understand how difficult it is to field a full team on specific nights/times. Most of you guys are friends and can relate to the difficulties of being a captain. The Adult Hockey director is open to the connecting of captains to discuss the use of a player for a game if need be and allowing another team to give approval to use a player if needed. Hopefully this can be done as a last resort. 


  • Each team will be required to wear matching jerseys throughout the course of a season. 
  • All players will need a matching team jersey with a number on the back that correlates to the roster. 
  • Any player found to be skating in a non-issued team jersey will not be allowed to play in that game unless the director approves beforehand. 


The schedule will only be available on the web site at 

All changes to the schedules will be updated on the website as soon as the changes arise. 

Captains will receive email notification about game changes and rescheduling. 


SRAH referees are appointed to games by the Head Referee. 

Referees are at all times in full control of events leading up to, during, and after each SRAH game. 

Referees are never allowed to cut the five-minute warm-up short for any reason. 

All referees decisions off-ice and on-ice are final. 

The Director of Hockey is only entitled to add to referees’ decisions, (i.e. Supplementary Discipline), never to overrule referees’ decisions. 

Referees complaints can be voiced to the Director of Hockey at any time, either verbally after the game or via phone call or email the next day: 

  • All complaints must be made after showers. Complaints will not be listened to while captains or players are still dressed in hockey gear. 
  • Each complaint will be handled promptly and action will be taken as soon as all the facts have been obtained and considered toward the final decision. 


Penalties assessed to any given player may include one or all of the following: 

  • Two-minute minor 
  • Four-minute double minor 
  • Five-minute major: 
    • Upon the calling of a five-minute major, the game misconduct to follow is up to the decision of the referee. 
    • Ten-minute misconduct 
    • Game Ejection (does not carry a next game suspension) 
    • Game Misconduct 
    • Match Penalty is automatically a three-game suspension 
  • All penalties are to be assessed by the referees during the given situation:
    • Referees may assess penalties after the game, which includes the lobby and dressing room area.
  • Any player assessed a game misconduct penalty is required to sit out the next scheduled game or multiple games. 
  • Any player given a game misconduct on a play which injures another player may not return from the suspension until the injured player returns. 
  • Any player found skating while suspended will forfeit the team’s game at hand and sit out the next two scheduled games. 
  • Any player who plays in two divisions and is assessed a game misconduct in one division is required to sit out the next scheduled game in that division only. The player may play in the other division unless the league director says otherwise. 
  • Any player given three game misconducts within a division during a season at Sky Rink will be suspended for the remainder of the season. 
  • Captains will receive a suspension email from the league outlining the following:
    • Player Name 
    • Penalty(s) 
    • # Games 
    • Return Date 
  • The captain is fully responsible for relaying the suspension information to the penalized player. 
  • Any captain found to be skating a suspended player will forfeit the game at hand and sit out the next two scheduled games. 
  • The Director of Hockey reserves the right to add “Supplementary Discipline” to any players’ penalties, but does not have the power to overrule the decisions and penalties assessed by the referees. 


In the event of a team not having a goalie for a game, captains may call the Adult Hockey Office for a replacement or access the emergency goalie list that will be distributed via email to all captains. 

If a team does not have a goalie to start the game, that team will forfeit. We will not allow six skaters (one playing goalie) for an entire game due to injuries to players in the net without adequate equipment. A team must have a goalie to start the game. 

In the event of a goalie being given a game misconduct during a game, the team must finish the game with no goalie and six skaters. No skater is to stand in the net and take shots. If this happens, the team will automatically forfeit the game. 


Forfeits of Adult Hockey games will happen under the following situations: 

  • A team is found to be skating with an unrostered player
  • A team is found to be skating a suspended player
  • A team shows up with less than four players:
    • Teams may play 4on4 if one team shows up with no more than four players, but at least four players and the opposing team must agree to play 4on4.
    • A team starts the game with five players; three players from that team receive penalties, not allowing the game to continue with 5on2.

Running Time and Privileges

A game will resort to running time in the third period if any one of the following occurs: 

  • A game is plagued by 15 or more penalties by the two opposing teams 
  • A games score difference is more than eight goals
    • i.e. Team A – 10 Team B – 2 
  • Time will continue to run until the score differential is within four goals
    • i.e. Team A – 10 Team B – 6 
  • A game that is plagued by 15 or more combined penalties, teams will retain the following privileges:
    • Each team will be allowed one timeout 
    • In the event of a tie game, overtime will be played 

In the event of a game score within two goals the final two-minutes will be stop time

A player that receives four penalties in one game will be ejected from the game.


Throughout the course of a season teams will play games against division rivals to accumulate points towards the post season or playoffs. Points will be awarded for the following: 

  • Win – 2 points 
  • Loss – 0 points 
  • Overtime Loss – 1 point 

At the conclusion of the season and in the event of a point tie between two teams, the following will be used to break the tie, in this order: 

  1. Head to Head Competition 
  2. Wins 
  3. Plus/Minus 
  4. Goals Against 
  5. Goals For 

In the event of a three-team or higher tie, Head to Head will not be used and the first breaker will be Wins. 


Overtime games in the regular season will be played 4on4. 

Overtime games in the playoffs will be decided first by a 5on5, five-minutes overtime. Then, if need be, by a three-player shootout: 

  • Players may not shoot twice until all players have shot once 
  • If the score is still tied after the first three shooters, a sudden death shootout will take place with one player from each team going until one scores and the other does not. 


The following playoff formats will occur for divisions with different numbers of participating teams: 

In divisions with nine or less teams, the top four teams will make the playoffs with #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3. The winners will advance to the Best of Three Championship. 

In divisions with ten teams, the top six teams will make the playoffs. The first and second seeded teams will be granted a bye in the first round. 

Winners advance to the divisional playoffs

Round #1 Round #2 Round #3
#1 Bye #1 vs #4 Championship
#2 Bye #2 vs #3 Best of Three 
#3 vs #6     
#4 vs #5    

In divisions with 11 or more teams, the top eight teams will make the playoffs. 

Round #1 Round #2 Round #3
#1 vs #8 #1 vs #4 Championship
#2 vs #7 #2 vs #3 Best of Three 
#3 vs #6     
#4 vs #5    

Each round, the winning teams will be reseeded based upon the final divisional standings. 


All players are to participate in SRAH wearing full equipment. 

Any player caught using broken equipment will not be allowed to continue playing until the equipment is fixed to avoid injury to player and opposing players. 

Full facemasks are to be worn at all times: 

  • Helmets must be HECC approved 
  • Cats-eye cages and masks without attached chin-ups are not allowed. Players found playing with these will not be allowed to play until they meet the approved requirements. 
  • Half-shield may be worn by Division 1 players only. Half-shields may not be turned upside down and attached to the helmet. 

Please review these rules and regulations. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to ask at any time. 

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