Summer 2019 Adult Hockey Leagues

Stay cool on the ice during the summer with the 4-on-4 Adult Summer League! Rosters are limited to twelve skaters, three alternates and one goalie. An emergency goalie may be registered for each team. Rosters are due before each team's second game. All player's on the winning team in each division receive a $100 credits toward the fall season.

Registration Information

Season currently in progress.
Check back for updates.

Season Information

  • Starts: July 2019
  • Ends: September 2019
  • 8 regular season games (plus playoffs if qualified)

League Information



July – September 8:30pm - 1:00am 4:00pm - 1:00am

Game Format

Each game consists of two 25-minute running time periods. The final two minutes of the second period are stop times if the score is within two goals. There is also a five-minute warm up before the game and a two-minute intermission between periods.

If a game ends in a tie, the winner is determined by a 3-player shootout. If the game is still tied after 3 players shoot, the winner is determined by a 1-on-1 sudden death shootout. All members of the team must shoot once before a player may shoot a second time.

There are no coincidental penalties. Play may go down to 1-on-1, with penalties assessed.

Line changes may only be performed "on the fly" or after goals, penalties and pucks out of play. Line changes are not allowed during play stoppages.

Evaluation Session
All interested individuals are encouraged to attend the scheduled Evaluation Session. Full equipment (including facemask) is required. If you are unable to attend the evaluation, please contact a league director to request an online evaluation form.

Next Evaluation Session: If you are interested in joining the Spring League contact Danny Genovese at
Fee: $30