We All Start Somewhere

Take the First Step – Learn to Skate at Sky Rink

At the Sky Rink Skating School, we know that skating is not just for the young, but the young at heart. No matter your age, skill set, or objectives, kids and adults alike benefit from the positive effect skating has on the body, mind and spirit. Not only does it promote physical fitness, but it provides a social outlet that creates cherished memories with family and friends on and off the ice.  Whether your blade is gliding on the ice for the very first time or you’re picking up where you left off, Sky Rink Skating School is available for all ages /skilled skaters who are ready for a challenge!

Learn to Skate at Sky Rink

Learn to Skate at Sky Rink

One of the most significant enhancements happened in September 2016 when the team implemented the Learn to Skate USA (LTS USA) program which aligns with our philosophy that skating is a timeless activity anyone can enjoy. Learn to Skate USA will teach your kids lessons to sharpen their focus and provide greater balance on and off the ice, build tighter bonds and new relationships, and instill the self-confidence to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. SRSS also provides programs to encourage adults to explore the ice with specialty classes including figure skating’s Black Diamond Adult Series and Adult Hockey Prep.

Whether you want to pursue an ice dancing path or glide over to freestyle, synchronized skating, theatre on ice or even hockey, SRSS and LTS USA provide classes to harness FUNdamental skills such as agility, balance and speed for any path you choose.  In collaboration with the LTS USA curriculum, we aim to build a skater’s confidence in every session. We will teach you how to fall, but more importantly, how to get back up! We all start somewhere, start your skating journey today with the Sky Rink Skating School and take part in the many health, social and developmental benefits gained through ice skating.