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Chelsea Piers Fitness FAQs

8/22/2020 Update

While the State has provided guidelines for gyms and fitness centers to reopen in New York on 8/24/2020, the local New York City agencies have not confirmed when fitness centers may reopen. We will update our community as soon as we receive New York City guidelines.

Can I freeze my membership?

All memberships were immediately placed on an automatic freeze that will remain throughout our closure, free of charge.

Will I be charged for scheduled appointments or any services I had coming up?

You will not be charged at any point while we are closed. All regular payments are paused and all future appointments are cancelled. Any credits on your account will not change and will be available to use when we reopen. We will extend all expiration dates on packages as well.

Will you credit me for the time the gym is closed?

Due to the uncertainty of the full duration of our closure, Chelsea Piers as an entire company needs to assess all requests for credits and adjustments after June 30th in order to accurately calculate the total credit or adjustment. That said, once Chelsea Piers Fitness is able to resume normal business activity, we hope to resolve all credits/adjustments within 30 – 45 days of opening. Rest assured, all members of our Chelsea and Brooklyn clubs will be credited for the dates of March 13 – 31, 2020 of which we were closed, and that were already pre-paid in your most recent membership payment.

Are you caring for your employees during this time?

As you know, the temporary closure we announced is from March 13 - 31, 2020. To support our employees, we issued an additional payroll check covering two weeks of standard pay and are also covering 100% of health care insurance costs throughout the closure for those enrolled. In addition, we initiated an employee support effort to help our staff manage through this difficult time.