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When do you expect to reopen and resume programming?

On March 13, 2020 all Chelsea Piers sports & fitness facilities were temporarily closed. On Thursday, May 28, 2020, the golf driving range opened to the public, by reservation only. We anticipate opening Summer Camp on Monday, July 6th, in accordance with New York State guidelines. We will post updates here regarding re-opening plans.

What is your refund policy and/or credit policy for programming?

Updated July 1, 2020

Refund Policy for the following programming:

  • Spring 2020 Holiday Camps
  • Field House Programs that would have started in April 2020
  • Cancelled Preschool/Junior 2020 Summer Camps
  • 2020 Summer Camp Transportation and After-care Deposits

As you know, Chelsea Piers closed its operations on Friday, March 13, 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the sudden closure, Chelsea Piers was not in a position to respond to refund requests.

On April 22, 2020, we issued credits to customers that can be used at any Chelsea Piers New York owned and operated business through December 31, 2021. In most cases, our customers have understood that our actions were guided by an economic shutdown of our business that made refunds at that time impossible and accepted the credits.

Chelsea Piers will start to reopen many of its businesses in phases in accordance with CDC guidelines and city/state mandates for safe operations. This means that we will be operating with significantly limited enrollment and reduced capacities in our facilities. It could take 12-24 months before we return to "business as usual."

In the meantime, we are building a reserve fund over the next six months that will be used for outstanding refunds for the camp and spring programming noted in this update; we hope to be in a position to start processing refunds by January 1, 2021, or sooner if financially feasible.

For those who agree to accept credits in lieu of refunds, we are very grateful. For those who are in need of the refund, we understand and appreciate your continued patience.


Chelsea Piers is offering five different summer camps this season from July 27th to September 4th 2020. Chelsea Piers is incredibly fortunate to have spacious sports venues that can be easily adapted to ensure safe summer fun with small groups of 10, big spaces and fewer campers. Camp will operate under approved State/City guidelines. Click here to register! Please email for more information.

How is Chelsea Piers managing reports of potential Covid-19 exposure at Chelsea Piers?

First and foremost, we sincerely hope that our valued Chelsea Piers community stays safe and healthy during this challenging time. Chelsea Piers recognizes the important part it plays, along with the entire New York City community, to respond quickly to any reports of Covid-19 and to support NYC tracing efforts. Please read our Notification policy here.

What is your plan for furloughed employees?

The temporary closure we initially announced was from March 13-31, 2020. The temporary closure has been extended multiple times due to New York State's mandate that all non-essential businesses in NYC be closed, To support our employees, we issued an additional payroll check covering two weeks of standard pay and are also covering 100% of health care insurance costs until we reopen for those enrolled. In addition, we initiated an employee support effort to help our staff manage through this difficult time.

Am I able to schedule a time to pick up my belongings from my locker?

To schedule a day/time to pick up your belongings, please contact your venue below:

How can I reschedule my private lessons or training sessions?

Who can I contact for updates regarding booking a private or corporate event?

Chelsea Pier team members are available by email and phone to discuss your questions. For events that will take place in the next thirty (30) days, please contact your sales representative. To book a future event, email for Chelsea Piers New York.

Who can I contact for other General Inquiries?